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Luca Saiu

I am a computer scientist, free software hacker and GNU maintainer.

Among other things I am a scientific rationalist and an Atheist.

About me [still incomplete]

More information about who I am and what I do.


This page explains how you can write me or meet me.

Projects and minor hacks [still incomplete]

All of my recent published software is free software. Here you can find information about my ambitious projects such as GNU Jitter, GNU epsilon and Marionnet, plus a few other minor things.

Public keys

You can verify that my GPG-signed messages actually come from me, and get my SSH public keys in case you want to let me access your machines.

About this server

Other than some private services not intended for public use my server handles this web site and my mail infrastructure. The server also hosts a Gemini capsule at gemini://ageinghacker.net and a Gopher hole at gopher://ageinghacker.net.

I plan to set up a GNUnet node. The machine hosts a small Tor exit node, for the benefit of the global community. Tor and GNUnet relay services connect to the outside world from their own IP address,


In order to see recent blog posts you can also subscribe to the RSS feed or the Atom feed. People who are only interested in certain topics may check the blog index for a separate RSS and Atom feed specific to each tag.

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Luca Saiu
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