Luca Saiu — How to contact me

I prefer e-mail for most communication. It is quick, easy and asynchronous.

I speak English and French, plus the language of the country I was born in. I am studying other languages; at some point I would like to learn Esperanto. My Latin, once good, has now become very rusty.

By e-mail

My main e-mail account is It will remain active for the foreseeable future.

Please do not send large attachments (let us say more than 500Kb) to the address above. If you need to send me a big file then ask me first, and I will provide you with another more suitable address.

I value privacy and encourage the use of strong encryption for personal communication. You are welcome to send me encrypted e-mails using GPG: this page contains my public key. Of course you will have to find some way to give me your public key in your turn, if you expect an encrypted reply from me — the best way to do that is attaching your public key to your messages. You are welcome to GPG-sign your messages as well, if you want.

With online chat software

If you want to add me as a contact please send me an email as well specifying your account name, just to be sure. I usually see contact requests, but sometimes these things can escape my attention.

Chat systems, in order of decreasing preference. I am almost always online but please do not assume that I always read backlogs: chat is for synchronous communication between partners who are online at the same time.

In case you are interested I use the ERC client (running on top of GNU Emacs) for all the protocols above, and more. For all of them other than IRC I connect to a private BitlBee server of mine acting as a gateway.

With audio/video-conferencing software

I do not run them by default, but I we can easily speak over Mumble or Jami if we make an appointment.

I have started using Mumble in late 2014. It seems much more reliable than the alternatives I know. The "official" Mumble client works very well, and I particularly like its audio setup wizard. All traffic is encrypted and I can run the server software on my own machine, controlling it myself without having to rely on shady organizations; because of this I can say that Mumble respects my privacy — and yours, if you are speaking with me. Of course both the client and the server are free software.

Detailed contact information

More detailed contact information including my home address and telephone number is available for friends and colleagues.
The page linked above requires password authentication: if you want to get access please write me.

Where not to contact me

I do not use Skype, and you should not either; nobody should. I recommend Jami and Mumble, described above, as suitable replacements.

You will not find me on Facebook. Click on the picture below for more information.

Not f'd — you will not find me on Facebook

Please do not send me invitations to join facebook or other so-called "social" so-called "networks"; automatic messages continue to pop up every few weeks in my e-mail, and are very annoying. I will not accept anyway.

No, I am not on other similar sites either. Please do not send me invitations, once again. They are extremely irritating.

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