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GNU Jitter

Jitter is a generator of efficient language virtual machines.
I started what became Jitter as an attempt to optimise
GNU epsilon. Jitter has now evolved into an interesting project, useful on its own; it has itself been approved as a separate GNU project in December 2021.

There used to be a web page for Jitter on this server, but I moved the main web site for Jitter to It is still written by me.

This web site still contains the master copy of two important Jitter resources:

GNU epsilon

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Of course there is a page about epsilon on the GNU project web site.

My PhD thesis is not a replacement for actual documentation (which I have not written yet), but it may be a nice way of understanding the philosophy behind epsilon.


The Vaucanson project has
a web page at LRDE-EPITA; its official web site contains less information.


Marionnet has its own web site.

The other co-author is Jean-Vincent Loddo.

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2012 poster by Jean-Vincent Loddo (in French, PDF, 4.3MB).

Marionnet is now also packaged by debian, on jessie and sid.

A simple kernel hack: Ghostification

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Multi-runtime OCaml

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I used to work at INRIA Saclay, under the supervision of Fabrice Le Fessant; first in the ASAP team, then in Gallium.

Older projects

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Have a look at this subdirectory. Unmaintained.


[FIXME: write this: history, and a link to the current version. With Dario Russo] The home page, with very little information, is here.


A simple NAUSEA world. With Dario Russo. The home page, also with little information and a couple of broken links to fix, is here.


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[FIXME: write this. In 2003 alone, in 2006 with Marco Righi]


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Very early, likely lost

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Other unmaintained hacks

I've collected some information on some of my old or minor hacks in a subdirectory. Unmaintained.

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