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Contact information

The best way of contacting me is by e-mail, but you can also find me on IRC and on some instant-messaging systems. This page contains the addresses you can use.

I also have another contact page which includes phone numbers and addresses. However that one is only for friends and colleagues, and requires password authentication.


I started programming at a young age and Computer Science has long been my main interest, both personally and professionally. However I entertain many other interests including literature and politics.

I have some healthy curiosity about other sciences.

Computer Science

I'm interested in programming languages, including their efficient implementation and semantics. Most of my recent experience revolves around functional languages, compilers and runtime systems (particularly garbage collection). I've also developed a deep interest in algorithms, parallel computation, concurrency, automata and, to a lesser extent, computer networks and virtualization. I'm a very strong programmer in C, C++, Scheme and ML. I also claim some degree of proficiency in a dozen or so other languages, most of which (for example Java) don't deserve any publicity; the ones which do include Forth, Prolog, Haskell and APL.

Of course I love to program and have several projects to show off. My most famous software is probably Marionnet, of which I am co-author, but I feel that my most important and ambitious work is GNU epsilon. Both are of course free software.


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I advocate the use of cryptography for private communication. You can find my public keys on this page.


I am a fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe, and a physical person adherent of April.

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I have been a member of the James Randi Educational Foundation up to late 2015, when the JREF stopped accepting membership renewals after Randi's retirement.

I used to be an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.

Even without a formal affiliation I have occasionally donated money or work to FFII, La Quadrature du Net, the Wikimedia Foundation and the FreedomBox Foundation. They are all worthy organizations, fighting for important causes.

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