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Jitter is a generator of efficient language virtual machines. It has a preliminary web page on this server, pointing to the source code and additional information.

I started what became Jitter as an attempt to optimize GNU epsilon. Jitter has now evolved into an interesting project, useful on its own. It will be proposed to the GNU Project as well.

GNU epsilon

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Of course there is a page about epsilon on the GNU project web site.

My PhD thesis is not a replacement for actual documentation (which I have not written yet), but it may be a nice way of understanding the philosophy behind epsilon.


The Vaucanson project has
a web page at LRDE-EPITA; its official web site contains less information.


Marionnet has its own web site.

The other co-author is Jean-Vincent Loddo.

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2012 poster by Jean-Vincent Loddo (in French, PDF, 4.3MB).

Marionnet is now also packaged by debian, on jessie and sid.

A simple kernel hack: Ghostification

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Multi-runtime OCaml

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I used to work at INRIA Saclay, under the supervision of Fabrice Le Fessant; first in the ASAP team, then in Gallium.

Older projects

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Have a look at this subdirectory. Unmaintained.


[FIXME: write this: history, and a link to the current version. With Dario Russo] The home page, with very little information, is here.


A simple NAUSEA world. With Dario Russo. The home page, also with little information and a couple of broken links to fix, is here.


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[FIXME: write this. In 2003 alone, in 2006 with Marco Righi]


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Very early, likely lost

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Other unmaintained hacks

I've collected some information on some of my old or minor hacks in a subdirectory. Unmaintained.

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