GNU Hackers' Meeting 2022: GNU Jitter workshop

This page contains the files needed for my GNU Jitter workshop which was held at the GNU Hackers' Meeting 2022 in İzmir, Turkey.

This exercise is about elementary code generation for a stack-based language Virtual Machine. In honour of the city hosting us I named both the language and the virtual machine “İzmir”.

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Starting from a parser provided by me I will help the audience write a complete JIT for a simple programming language, using Jitter; I will implement a solution live, giving time for the audience to work on their laptops.
The workshop will follow the general ideas from Mohammad's talk about Jitter, but with many details greatly simplified as appropriate for a hackers' meeting.
I mean to keep the workshop accessible to any good programmer even not from the programming language field: because of this no particular experience on compilers will be required: knowledge of C is the only prerequisite.
The audience is invited to bring laptops with a GNU/Linux system installed or at least an SSH client.


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