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DLL: TP 6 - Development

Go on with the activities mentioned in the previous TP, and work on the project. There are no new tasks today, since everybody seems to have problems with the old ones. But if you can, please go on with turtle graphics by heuristic searching, last time's third task. Doing that is a good way of getting a 20/20 mark.

You will be quite free to work on what you like today, and to ask me questions.

By the way, please don't ask me again what the project is all about: there's a whole page about it, and I have explained it again in the mailing list (even in French). If you haven't started yet, start as soon as possible.

Today (2012-01-18) many web sites, including and the English Wikipedia are being blacked out as a form of protest against SOPA and PIPA. In order to let you access the documentation when working in the lab, I've generated and locally installed HTML versions of the Guile and Texinfo manuals.

2015 note: My server access logs show that my local copies of GNU manuals are still geting many hits coming from web searches. Since the versions stored here are now old, I replaced them with HTML redirect pages pointing to the official, up-to-date manuals on

When you work at the Institut Galilée labs, before starting, you have to execute the following line on every terminal you use:

source ~10706282/add-prefix ~10706282/usr
That is for using the software I have installed in my home directory on the machines at Institut Galilée; I don't have administrator privileges on the lab machines, so I have installed everything in my home directory.

Of course you don't need to do anything similar at home if you have installed everything correctly, because you are the administrator of your own machines.

If you haven't yet enabled history support for Guile (for example, pressing the "up arrow" key should let you see and edit the last line you typed), you can copy my Guile configuration file which enables it:

cp ~10706282/.guile ~
You only need to do that once. If you want to enable history at home (strongly recommended), you can create a file ~/.guile containing the two lines:
(use-modules (ice-9 readline))

You can find some practical suggestions at the bottom of the first TP page.

Notes for myself, in case of problems with the SERCAL installation or with student accounts:
My id is 10706282 .

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