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Here are a few non-peer-reviewed articles by others, translated by me into the language of the country where I was born.

I did this work with pleasure when asked, hoping to help spread important information more widely; nonetheless, I have no illusions. My experience has taught me to put very little trust in people who claim to be interested in technical articles and yet cannot or will not read English. It wouldn't be insincere for me to say that these translations are an exercise of intellectual vanity — a way to add a contribution of mine, however negligible, to what the original authors did, so that ten years from now I will be able to say I was there.

I have always dealt with other topics in Computer Science and I am not a security expert. However some of the original authors such as Christian Grothoff, Mathias Wachs and Julian Kirsch definitely are. Their credentials are easy to check.


Christian Grothoff, Matthias Wachs, Monika Ermert, Jacob Appelbaum, January 2015.

Here (PDF, 1MB) is my translation.

You can find the original in English here along with the French translation by Ludovic Court├Ęs and the Spanish translation by Hellekin O. Wolf. Ludovic did a particularly good job advertising the article, which was covered at length by Le Monde.

My translation was published by Punto Informatico.

The HACIENDA Program

Julian Kirsch, Christian Grothoff, Monika Ermert, Jacob Appelbaum, Laura Poitras, Henrik Moltke, Semptember 2014.

Here (PDF, 5MB) is my translation.

The day before GHM 2014 started, in Munich, Christian asked me to translate the article. It was officially presented at the beginning of the event on August 15 2014. If you don't know what this is all about, you really should. You can find the original English version here, along with other translated versions.

Paolo Attivissimo was kind enough to point out a few typos in my translation.

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