Luca Saiu - DEVL 2007 - Rattrapage

In an effort to make the rattrapage exam session as fair as possible I will try to apply the same rules as the first "official" session.

Written exam

The exam will be a mutiple-choice questionaire in French. 20 questions, 20 points; no negative points for wrong answers (I now think this was too generous, but I want the same rules to apply for this session).

The exam will be written; that was the modality preferred by the great majority of people during the January session. The material to study is exactly the same you find on the course home page.
I will will not ask anything about software patents and DRM, just as in January. It's not required to remember exact quotations or exact dates.

Questions will revolve around the usual themes:

The required level of detail is the same of my slides; of course the questions will not be the same, but the Januray exam is a good example of what will be required. Please also read this questionaire I gave in class.

Optional part

I will still accept nanolisp tasks for an optional bonus: please see the final TP page. One point: I will not accept any more submissions for the "striked out" (like "this") tasks, as essentially anyone will know them by now.

If you would like to make a presentation or a writeup as an optional work instead of the nanolisp project, please contact me in advance.

No cheating

There should be no need to stress this and please don't be offended by me considering this idea: don't even think of submitting work done by anyone else. I don't want anything unpleasant to happen.

Sumbissions must be individual: this requires more work for me but helps to avoid, let's say, group parassitism. If you have already started a group project that you indend to submit, please contact me immediately: we can arrange a very small oral session just to convince me that everybody is really participating.
I may require some small oral sessions also in other cases, only for the purpose of assuring that the author is actually the person who has submitted the project. Please bear no offense for this, but unfortunately not all students proved to be the responsible mature people who they were supposed to be.

More information

Of course you can contact me for any question.

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