Luca Saiu: experimental video streaming

I am planning to occasionally host public video streams. The service might still need a little tuning and is not intended for the general public yet, but my informal tests have been successful.

Video stream

The stream URL is rtmp://

This is an RTMP stream. It should be playable on every mainstream modern platform, and on many more exotic ones as well, using the VLC media player.

From the VLC interface, go to Media|Open Network Stream... (from the Media menu, choose the Open Network Stream... menu item); then type rtmp:// in the dialog box. If needed, go to the Playlist and click my stream URL, then press the Play (“”) button .


You can chat with me and with the other people following the stream by entering the ##iutv channel on the freenode network. A freenode account is not really needed.

[Étudiants : veuillez utiliser votre vrai mon-prenom en tant que nick. C'est important afin de remplir la feuille d'émargement. Écrivez au moins « présent » au début sur le chat, si vous n'avez rien de particulier à demander.]

The link above points to a web interface to access IRC from a web browser. After choosing your nickname and joining you can type your message at the bottom of the screen, over the text “Send a message...”. That can be useful for beginners, but as always using a real chat client is better.

If you want to call my attention to the chat while I am not looking at it, just type lucasaiu (no spaces) in your chat message. The client on my computer will generate a visual and vocal notification for me.

Notes for myself

This is not important for the general public, and will disappear.
      . ~/.bashrc; live_screencast
      mplayer --cache=no rtmp://

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